About the Child Labour Free Jaipur Initiative

Thousands of children are working as child labourers in workshops in Jaipur. They are engaged in making bangles, embellished textiles and even polished stones for jewellery. The Child Labour Free Jaipur Initiative is embarking on comprehensive interventions to stop child labour in the Pink City.

With strong support from the Rajasthan state and local governments, Jaipur will be showcased as a city with an unprecedented commitment to ending child labour. It will serve as a model for other cities to follow.

Together with leading businesses and industry associations, local organisations, law enforcement, funding agencies and child rights experts, the Initiative has a united strategy to target the root causes of child labour.

Industry free from Child labour

Our Partners and Supporters

The Child Labour Free Jaipur Initiative (CLFJ) has a wide array of partners from government, business, and civil society. Some of our partners and supporters are: