Brief on Child Labour Free Jaipur Initiative

This Brief provides an overview of the CLFJ Initiative, including information on how started, who we are, the program components, our partners and funders, and the research that drives the work we do.

GoodWeave and making supply chains Child Labour Free

This brochure briefly explains how our partner, GoodWeave can help businesses make their supply chains child labour free. To learn more about how to partner with GoodWeave, please contact us!

Business Supply Chains Research Report

This study recommends strategies for the embroidery, bangles, and gem stone polishing industries to use adult labour only, shifting away from use of large numbers of children and adolescents. Based on in-depth interviews with wholesalers, retailers, exporters, workshop owners, former child labourers and government officials, the report's recommendations suggest ways to promote thriving child labour free business models in Jaipur.

Strategy towards Child Labour Free Neighbourhoods in Jaipur

This report uses data on child labour and industry characteristics to prioritise the neighbourhoods of the city in which Child Labour Free Jaipur Initiative is now systematically working. It outlines the strategies being adopted to give children and all residents in these neighbourhoods a better future.

Rescue operations in Jaipur

This report provides data on the children rescued in Jaipur in recent years - their ages, which industries they were rescued from, where they come from, and the neighbourhoods they were rescued in. This research helped the Child Labour Free Jaipur Initiative to target the most affected industries and neighbourhoods in Jaipur, as well as setting up reintegration processes alongside government bodies to assist children returning to the main source areas in Bihar.